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Final Conference in Kaunas!

As our project is soon coming to an end, this week we had our last international activity in the framework of this project that took the form of a Final Conference/Multiplier event in Kaunas (Lithuania) from 4th  – 6th June 2022.

During this mobility, the main results of the project (which you can find here), the activities carried out in each country, as well as the personal and professional experiences of participants and what participating in a European project means for the organisations were presented in an internal meeting amonsgt partners.

A session for exchanging good practices, networking and a visibility activity was carried out in one of the most visitied  areas of the city: next to the famous KAUNAS sign!


Let’s start locally!

After our transnational coordination meeting in Dublin, Ireland, every partner organisation started preparing the first phase of local activities to be carried out in each country. The first activity in the agenda was an analysis of the situation in each country to collect the needed information to define the results and impact the 2014-2020 Erasmus+ programme in the field of Youth has had on its participants, involved organisations and local population.

Then we moved on to identifying existing Erasmus+ projects in the field of youth that have been recognised as a “Good Practice” at a national level in each country, paying special attention to projects about evaluation and measuring the impact of the E+ programme on direct participants, organisations and local community as well as identifying existing good practice tools for evaluating and measuring the impact in projects cofinanced by the E+ programme in each country.

As part of the local activities I phase, we also had to hold meetings and contact with young people, youth workers, youth leaders, professionals, policy makers, educators, trainers, etc., in the field of youth that have participated in E+ Youth projects, in each country for making the project public, increase its visibility and reflect on the impact the programme has had on its participants (round table).

In some cases, due to COVID-19 restrictions, some of the activities were delayed and/or carried on online (specially the meetings with stakeholders), but all partner countries carried out this entire first phase of local activities successfully!

First contact!

Today we had our first coordination meeting online with all five partner organisations in order to specify strategies, working methodology and details for future activities. This meeting was a video conference and was an essential part of the project as it was the first time all coordinators from each partner country met each other face-to-face.

The main objectives of the meeting were :

  • Planning the phases of local activities, its objectives, contents and methodology;
  • Specify dissemination and visibility activities including logo, webpage, social networks, etc. of the project;
  • Discussing about the tools to measure the impact and to evaluate different phases of the project;
  • Making appropriate internal arrangements.

Among the main results of the meeting, we can underline:

  • Participants/Organisations know the details of the project and its activities;
  • Every participant/organisation can implement the project in the arranged way;
  • Participants/organisations have appropriate internal arrangements;
  • Logo, webpage and social networks have been discussed and participants/organisations know how to exploit it.

Stay tuned for more news about the project!