Finally meeting in person!

After a long mobility hiatus due to COVID-19 restrictions, we keep moving forward with the international mobilities­čîÄ which are so important to strengthen the relationships with our partners and to get the best possible results.

Today we are in Dublin, Ireland, for the first international meeting of the “Beyond Erasmus Plus” project. It is the first that partners meet in person to plan project activities and create joint working tools, with the participation of organisations from Spain, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland and Italy (the latter participated virtually as they were unable to travel due to pandemic restrictions).

During this meeting we had the oportunity to:

  • To plan Local activities I and review the Tools created;
  • To plan the international seminar (C1) and Final Conference (M2): its objectives, contents, methodology
  • To plan phases II and III of local activities: its objectives, contents, methodology and creation of the tools;
  • To evaluate the dissemination and visibility activities used
  • To review and adapt internal arrangements if necessary
  • To visibilise project: Visibility activity with local organisations and population.

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